Blockchain technology is democratizing. Many processes and assets in digital form are integrated into a blockchain (payments, real-time information transcript, assets, etc.). Also, more and more contracts are transcribed and framed by this technology.

The firm has developed a real understanding of this tool and goes with you in the creation and integration of your project into a blockchain, as well as in the development of your IT contracts (tokenization, official authorisation, etc.).

Below are Mr. Chochoy’s publications and speeches about the blockchain technology (In FRENCH)

09.03.2020 – publication

31.01.2020: intervention at the station’s afterwork in Saint-omer (62)

Afterwork, La Station (Saint-Omer, 62)

Definition of the blockchain, explanation of legal issues, and application case.


17.12.2019 : INTERVENTION - laboratoire d'informatique de grenoble - université de grenoble

TIC Talk du Laboratoire LIG

Questions et réponses concernant les interrogations juridiques liées à l'utilisation de la blockchain.

Podcast audio

Roundtable on Blockchain and Real Estate Law

Intervention and debates concerning the role of legal and real estate professionals in blockchain technology, and the state of play of French regulations.

Mr. Chochoy’s intervention at 1:09 a.m.

15.07.2019: Publication
Article published on the specialized site Village of Justice

Covenant Act: Rules for Providers on Digital Assets

11.03.2019: Publication
Article published on the specialized site Village of Justice

Blockchain technology and law: for more information